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The future in eyelid treatment. 

Photobiomodulation via
Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT):


The benefits our patients receive from Photobiomodulation (PBM) is simply, unmatched. They are complemented by LLLT's exceptional efficacy in treating Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD—although global thought leaders in the scientific community have leveraged it beyond MGD to treat the ocular surface (e.g., Dry Eyes, Chalazian, Styes, Blepharitis, Demodex, Sjögren’s Syndrome).
LLLT is a unique, light-based photobiomodulation technology. It's been developed and patented for medical use with the technology originally employed by NASA (i.e., Low-level Laser Therapy) to treat wounds of astronauts in space.  LLLT has nothing to do with Red Light Therapy (RLT), which only acts on the surface of the skin.  Instead, Drs. Smarch & Schnurer utilize an LLLT that works beneath the skin, at biological level, generating endogenous energy through powerful LEDs stimulating ATP production in cells.

This patented PBM technology isn’t just like any other red light therapy. It's patented and certified for medical use, designed to leverage near-infrared light beams that solicit cells’ mitochondria, triggering biochemical and biophysical reactions that stimulate them to provide better protein synthesis. Thanks to this process of endogenous heating, the tear lipid layer is increased and stabilized allowing you to feel and see the difference.


LLLT highlights: 

LLLT is used for Inflammation reduction and ATP Production Stimulus.  

- Improves cells metabolism due to increased ATP production within the mitochondria.

- Reduces inflammation by regulating anti-oxidant defenses and reducing oxidative stress.

- Light-induced activation of transcription factors and signaling pathways.

- When a 15-minute treatment is applied, the total fluence in the treated area is 100 Joules/cm2.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL):

Intense Pulse Light is used at the most advanced dry eye clinics throughout the country. Drs. Smarch & Schnurer use a patented IPL that is designed as a polychromatic light whose thermal impulses are calibrated through software that allows it to be emitted at just the right intensity, providing an extremely high degree of safety and effectiveness.


Also, our IPL is the ONLY pulsed light in the world allowing for usage without any protective gel. No gel. No shooting pain!  This is made possible by its patented, software-enabled technology providing a light impulse that’s emitted at just the right frequency, every time, throughout every beam. This provides our patients with an invaluable asset: the convenience of an exceptional, frictionless experience.

Equinox IPL Dry Eye

IPL highlights: 

IPL is used for increased inflammation reduction and moderate to severe MGD and skin rosacea.  

- Modulates the meibomian gland, preventing the tear film from evaporating .

- Reduces inflammation by closing abnormal blood vessel growth that's choking the tear glands.

- Eliminates eyelash Demodex (skin mites) and bacteria that inflame or infect the tear glands.

- Promotes collagen synthesis at the skin level.

- The only IPL that allows for usage without protective/coupling gel.

Radio Frequency (RF):

RF possess a unique ability to deliver wave energy to the eyes. Drs. Smarch & Schnurer harness its ability to be used at a specific energy setting for those hard to reach areas of the eyelids.  Also, wave energy is not influenced by ones skin pigment, thereby allowing it to be "blind to pigment". This allows it to be used on all skin types.


Applications of RF include dry eyes, MGD, chalazion, hordeolum or styes. It also reduces inflammation and obstruction of the tear glands. This will give long lasting relief to the area resulting in less redness, puffiness and a clearer, more appealing feel on the eyes surface.  Some of our best outcomes are when we couple this treatment with PBM / LLLT. 

Laser Facial Treatment

RF highlights: 

RF is used to reduce inflammation and obstruction to improve the tear gland function.  

- Wave energy is applied to the meibomian glands within the eyelids, preventing gland obstruction .

- Reduces inflammation by opening the glands ducts that are choking the tear glands.

- A series of three treatments can last up to twelve months.

- Promotes collagen synthesis at the skin level.

- Reduces age lines and can produce a non-surgical, lid-lifting affect.

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