vid-19 Patient Protocol


We're in this together!

1.  We are restricting the number of people in our office to only those with appointments (or patient plus one member in event of caregiver or minors).  Please call and notify us ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly. 


2. “Virtual Waiting Room”: Patients check-in by calling our office when they arrive and will enter the office when ready.  We will ask you the “Covid-19 Symptom Checker” questions:

 Any fever over 100 degrees?

 Exposure to anyone with symptoms or diagnosed w COVID 19?

 Muscle aches?

 Loss of taste/smell?

 3.  Patients are asked to provide their own masks and wear them appropriately while in the office.               Upon arrival, if they are not wearing a mask our staff will ask you to put one on.

4.  One day before the appointment patients may be called to complete : Chief complaint, HPI, Health  History, etc are all to be reviewed by tech by a phone call the day before the patient is scheduled and to verify all insurance information.


5.  Once in the office, we ask the patients either wash their hands or use provided hand sanitizer then be escorted directly to begin their examination. Before starting our assistant will wash and glove remain at reasonable distance from you.


6. Use of the new paypal system for invoicing.


7.  Limited availability with contact lens and eyeglass re-checks. We are scheduling based on need and appointments will be scheduled as such. It does not mean we won’t help your needs, it means we will try our best to help without you entering the office.

8.  We will try to have patient remain in their exam room or area at completion of each procedure and we’ll guide you (depending on needs of patient) to move to the next  room while keeping social  distance.  We’ll ask patient their intentions if selecting frames, to facilitate the process, we’ll ask                targeted questions about frame selections, what they are looking for, etc.  If going to browse frames, ask that they wash their hands first, then follow protocol below in optical guidelines. Contact lens orders: review amounts, rebates, etc.  If completed, have patient read off the card numbers & email them their receipt.  

9.  Please remember, we are in the same boat as you are!  We are reviewing and taking every necessary precaution we can and are trying our very best to practice in a safe and healthy manner.  We realize that it will be a different experience than you're accustomed to and based on the CDC, WHO and the Michigan Optometric Association we are making informed and practical decisions that promote safety during this time.  We thank you for your patience and remember these protocols may change and we'll continue to do our best with the available resources. 

See you soon!

Drs. Smarch and Schnurer and Team